Tips for Philadelphia Bathroom Remodeling

Below are tips to make sure your Philadelphia bathroom remodeling project are trouble free.  If you need more information please go to our website .

  • Experts agree the place to start is with your budget.  In general you have 3 options, totally DIY, partial DIY and finally Expert only.  Each option gets progressively more expensive in terms of money but less so in terms of time and effort spent.  However, I think the real key is as you go from DIY to Expert, the risk of horrible mistakes becomes less, so be really honest with yourself.  How much if anything do you want to do, especially if you are doing a major remodel?


  • Your budget is also controlled by the scope of the project.  Again I like to say there are three possibilities.  There is the least expensive option which can make a big impact, changing just the hardware, wall color and maybe the fixtures such as the showerhead/tub and sink faucets.  The second level would be to change everything in the bathroom including the cabinetry, tile and plumbing fixtures such as the tub/shower and sink.  Finally the most expensive option would be to change everything and move it all around, which involves changing plumbing, electrical and even walls.


  • Items that are often overlooked in  Philadelphia bathroom remodeling or deemed unimportant  are:

1. Ventilation.   If your bathroom is not adequately ventilated it can get mold and mildew.  The size of your bathroom dictates the CFMs needed for your space.  See for more details.

2. Lighting can make a huge difference in the looks of your bathroom as well as how you enjoy your bathroom.  You will need dimmers to relax or brighter lights to shave or put on makeup.  To prevent shadowing of your face install lights at face level.


  • Another thing to think about when doing bathroom remodeling (any type of remodeling) is the environment.  Going green will help with utility bills (plumbing and lighting fixtures) and your breathing (low VOC paints).  It can be as simple as reusing a vanity to save more space in a landfill.


Hope this helps with the sometimes daunting challenge of Philadelphia Bathroom Remodeling.  To get an idea of style, please see the attached link to Teknika Design Group’s website,

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