Predictions for Philadelphia Kitchen Design

So what can we expect for Philadelphia kitchen designs in the next five years or so?  This is a major concern since most of us in the process of designing our kitchens expect to have them for at least the next five years.  We don’t want them to be dated before we even get them installed.  If my crystal ball is up to snuff this is what I will be talking about at Teknika Design Group in five years or so at .  So here are my best guesses for the coming years.

1.  Technology will continue to be a huge part of the evolving kitchen.  I think more and more kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances will incorporate technology.  For example, countertops will automatically be able to pull up recipes and show them on the countertop instead of using a computer, Ipad or the really old fashioned way, a cookbook.  As a matter of fact, Microsoft Corporation already has a projection system that can put recipes on the countertop in their Microsoft home of the future.

countertop screen2.   As the economy continues to improve, we will see a return of more ornate kitchens.  Currently, Philadelphia kitchen design contains clean lines and simpler moldings and doors.   However, as individuals become fiscally more comfortable and the economy continues to improve (assuming it will), renovators will be more apt to spend more on their kitchens including more elaborate moldings and cabinetry.  This will include more glazes, sumptuous stains and unique wood veneers.



3.  Green will become a larger part of home renovators go to products.  This will become the norm for two reasons.  The first being that “green” products prices will come down.  Currently most green products are about 10-20% higher than their non-green counterparts.  This should change as technology improves and sales increase.  The second reason is that there will be more green options.  This includes everything in the kitchen from cabinetry to hardware and countertops.  This will be because manufacturers will automatically include green options in all their lines, again because volume will increase, prices decrease.   This will begin because one of the ways consumers will start spending their increased salaries will be on green options.


eco friendly kitchen

How confident am I that these predictions for Philadelphia kitchen designs will come true?  Pretty confident.  We know that technology will continue its march and start including more and more product categories.  Where I am not positive is that the economy will continue to improve.   However based on past history as to the cyclical nature of the economy, it is a pretty good bet.  To see current green products please go to Teknika’s products web page at  You can also see information on current ways to make your renovations “green” at

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