Newest Trends in Philadelphia Bathroom Remodeling

Everyone is always interested in the newest trends in Philadelphia Bathroom Remodeling.  Currently there are 3 trends we are seeing.  The first trend is already in Philadelphia, but the options continue to expand as the technology improves; this is the use of therapy in bathroom. The second and third trends have started in Europe, so we should be seeing them here in Philadelphia in the next year or so.  They are stacked vanities and strong colors in the bathroom, specifically lime green.

Technology in the bathroom includes color, water and sound therapies.  For a few years Philadelphia bathroom remodeling projects have been seeing chromatherapy which is color therapy.  Your tub or shower allows you to focus on one color or on multiple colors to invoke different moods, for example, green is calming and provides relief.  Chromatherapy is usually used with hydrotherapy.  Hydrotherapy, or water therapy, has been in use for years by physical therapists and now you can get the benefits at home.  It now involves more than just the shower head.  It can be the rain shower, body massage heads or the shower head with multiple stream choices.  In the tub it can be the choice of an invigorating massage tub, soothing air bubbles or even effervescent bubbles.  Finally, you can also have your choice of tunes in your bathroom.  Your music, podcasts, news can be played through your bathtub with your MP3, smartphone or tablet.  You can even have the water in your tub vibrate to the beat of the music.  How cool is that?   For more information on these bathroom therapies, Kohler’s website has some great examples at


Other trends in Philadelphia Bathroom remodeling are coming to us from Europe.  This includes the use of strong colors in the bathroom.  The most significant seems to be lime green.  We are seeing this in cabinets and in tile as well as paint color.  It is usually paired with white.


The final trend out of Europe is stacked vanities.  This takes the idea of a floating vanity one step further and actually separates the vanity and the sink.  The vanity can be directly under the sink or off to the side which than allows the vanity to double as a bench. For more ideas for your bathroom remodeling project please see Teknika’s website at  Or for any remodeling project you can find more information at


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