Kitchen Remodeling Design: Who do You Hire?


Who do you hire when you need a professional to do your kitchen remodeling design? Typically there are 4 possible options including architects, kitchen designers, interior designers and contractors.  Let us look at all the options in detail as to how each professional is in relation to doing kitchen remodeling design.




  • Understand how the kitchen fits in the whole house, including the architectural style
  • How door and replacement windows styles blend with house
  • If there are any issues with structural integrity, they can answer
  • Highly trained


  • Expensive
  • Not as experienced with the details of kitchen and bath design and products


Kitchen/Baths Designers (Educated Professionals)


  • Specialize in kitchen and bath design and products
  • Have special education in kitchen remodeling design
  • Can offer advice on all kitchen and bath products and often provide them
  • Able to manage renovation from start to finish, including construction so you don’t need to
  • Can be used as a check system to be sure construction is done well


  • Cost


Interior Designers (Educated Professionals)


  • Understand and can recommend comprehensive style for the entire house, including kitchen and bath
  • Can guide you through all your purchases for your home, often will go shopping with you
  • Knowledgeable about all possible styles and current trends


  • Cost
  • Do not specialize in kitchen or bath design or products
  • Often do not keep up with changes in technology in appliances and cabinetry storage options.


Contractors (Licensed)


  • If you are not planning to DIY it you will need a contractor and can just deal with one person on your entire project
  • Experts in construction
  • Many specialize in kitchen and baths
  • Can coordinate the renovation project (construction, deliveries etc.)


  • No specialized knowledge of kitchen and bath design or products, cannot recommend and narrow products for you
  • Do not have the resources to purchase products
  • Who will check to be sure the construction is up to code and deal with any issues with your contractor

As to a recommendation, I would hire an architect if your kitchen project involves structural changes.  A kitchen designer is necessary if you are doing any kind of kitchen renovation.  They can be a great value, even with the additional cost since they can save you thousands in design, product or construction mistakes.  Interior Designers are a great addition if you have other design projects to do in the house and finally a contractor will be necessary for your renovation.

To find out more information about kitchen remodeling design please see the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) website .  For further information kitchen remodeling, please see Teknika Design Group’s website . To see a recommended list of questions for kitchen designers see .

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