Kitchen Cabinets in Philadelphia: What to Look For?

One of the problems in buying kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia or any other place is that it is tough to know what you are getting.  What is the difference between kitchen cabinets?  They look similar on the outside, but there is such a range of prices.

What makes up a cabinet can help guide us through the cost differences as shown by the illustration below.


Most of the cost of kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia is what the cabinet box is made of and most of the time it is engineered wood.  100% wood is not optimal since it expands and contracts with the moisture in the air which can cause warping.  Now there are all different terms for engineered wood: plywood, MDF, particle board to name a few.  None of them are better than the other.  What does make a difference is the grade of the engineered wood.  It can go anywhere from essentially paper and Elmer’s glue to furniture grade.  How do you tell, often the price will tell you.  The old adage, you get what you pay for often applies.  The exceptions to this rule are often the very high end, imported cabinets where you are paying for the name and the cost of importing to the US.

Another thing to look for which affects kitchen cabinet cost is the ability to customize sizing and type of cabinet.  The more you can customize the more expensive the cabinet.   Customization often means optimizing storage space and this is often one of the most important criteria for kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia.  Unfortunately our city kitchens are often small.

The rest of what makes up the expense of cabinetry are the door style, which cabinet manufacturers often charge extra for.   Do not forget the extras in the cabinet such as pullout drawers.  The hardware on the cabinet can also be an extra cost.  Excellent hardware such as those drawer glides and hinges made by Blum and Hafele have longer guarantees (often for life) and include automatic closing and full extension drawer glides.    Finally the finish of the cabinet, is it a stain, paint, special veneer.  This also affects the cost.

The easiest way to maneuver your way through this maze of kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia is to find an experienced designer.  They can better explain the differences between any kitchen cabinets you are interested in.  For questions to ask a potential designer, please refer to the list of questions on our website, .   If this article leads to more questions, please email me or post your question(s) on Teknika Design Group’s Facebook page:   To learn more about Teknika Design Group’s products please go to our website, .

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