How to Find Kitchen Remodelers in Philadelphia


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So how do you find reliable and cost efficient kitchen remodelers in Philadelphia?  There are a number of ways.  One obvious way is through referrals.  Who have your friends used and liked?  The pros of this method are that you will know that the kitchen remodelers in Philadelphia are at the very least courteous, timely and clean.   The con is that unless your referral has contracting knowledge you cannot be sure if the remodeler they hired knew what they were doing.  I have had friends who raved about their contractor but when I looked at their job the contractor had mangled their cabinets and did not know how to handle basic plumbing.   They ended up getting a subpar job and even though they were happy they might encounter problems sooner rather than later or the job took longer than it should have.

Another option is to go online and use a service such as Angie’s list  They have many kitchen remodelers in Philadelphia.  Here again, if the contractor got rave reviews at least you know that their service was timely, there were no obvious issues and they were courteous.  Again what makes me nervous is that the contractor could be great but who knows if they are hiring sub-contractors for jobs and if they are not rigorous in their hiring, who can say from job to job the experience will be the same.

My suggestion is when you are looking to hire kitchen remodelers in Philadelphia, I would ask if they use the same group of contractors or do they bid their jobs.  If the Architect/Designer uses the same group of contractors then they will have a lot more pull than you do to insure that each job is perfect to the trained and untrained eye.  Architects and designers are more experienced in their field inspections and can recognize if a job is taking too long or the work done is not up to par.  If this happens, they can usually rectify the situation without even bothering the homeowner.  Picking a contractor from a pool of contractors we use on a regular basis is what my company, Teknika Design Group does.  We have had to discontinue use of contractors if their standards slip, but overall since we give our contractors multiple jobs, they work hard to make us and our clients happy.

Having said that, I would still get recommendations and check the contractor’s record on line to make sure there are no consistently awful reports.    So while finding kitchen remodelers in Philadelphia is not easy, it pays to do your due diligence upfront.  Please go to for questions to ask a contractor.

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