How Much Will That Philadelphia Kitchen Cost? Step 1.

By Amy Meade of Teknika Design Group                 February 27, 2012

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A big chunk of the cost is up to You.  What do you need?

Because there are so many elements, products and aspects to a Philadelphia Kitchen remodel, basically so much of everything, budgeting can be difficult. However the true secret is to start with you.

The first step on the way to your new Philadelphia kitchen is to determine realistically what type of consumer you are. We all know there are tradeoffs between sweat equity and dollar outlay and a Philadelphia kitchen renovation is no different.  We all want to be sure that we get the most for our money so you need to know yourself first.  Read the descriptions below and see where you fit.  You might need to adjust your budget expectations, but in order to get the best Philadelphia kitchen for you, with the least amount of stress, you need to be honest with yourself.   Each of these categories has their own pros and cons, there is no right or wrong. However by figuring out who you are early in your kitchen renovation process, time and money will be saved in the long run.  There are three aspects to a Philadelphia kitchen remodel and consumers contemplating this need to decide which they want to do and in which step if any, they want to hire professionals to complete.  These steps are: 1. Design, 2. Project management 3. Construction.  All of these steps overlap and they need to be well integrated.

So what type of Philadelphia Kitchen Consumer are you? 

The first type is the DIY (Do it yourselfer) – Your have the skills to design manage and install the entire Philadelphia kitchen project.  You also have the time to perfect those skills that might need a little tweaking.  You enjoy searching the internet for information on products and going to stores to find out all you can about what is the right product at the right price for you.  You are not fazed by the risks of doing it all by yourself or the increased time it will take to do the design and construction by yourself.   The challenge of getting it right the first time moves you.  You will design your Philadelphia kitchen project, buy the materials and furnish most, if not all, the labor. Organization is the key for you.


  • You will save about  5-30% of the non installation project cost in not hiring a designer
  • You will save about 10-20% of the installation cost by not hiring a project manager
  • You will save about 25-35% of the construction cost by not hiring a professional contractor.



  • It will take you longer to complete the project (on average 75% longer).
  • Your design will not have the benefit of a professional’s training or experience which could add your project’s cost.
  • You will need to wear 2 hats while installing, the contractor and the project manager which can be complicated and time consuming.


The second category is the BYOC (Be your own contractor) – You do not know how to design your Philadelphia kitchen, nor do you want to learn.  However, you love to gets your hands dirty.  You want to do the installation. You have either done a Philadelphia kitchen installation before or you have helped all your friends.  You will also act as your project manager since your organizational skills are tip top.  You will be the contractor and the project manager on your Philadelphia kitchen project. You will make all other decisions and purchase all products.  You will also get the bids for those parts of the job you cannot do (such as the countertop or even the electrical or plumbing) and you will manage those subcontractors while on the job.



  • Depending on the designer you choose, you will get the benefit of their education and experience so the quality of your design will most likely match your needs.
  • You will save about 10-20% of the installation cost by not hiring a project manager
  • You will save about 25-35% of the cost of hiring a professional contractor.



  • It will take you longer to complete the project (on average 50% longer).
  • You will need to wear 2 hats while installing, the contractor and the project manager which can get complicated and time consuming.


The final category is the HAP (Hire all professionals) – You have no desire or time to attempt to do the design, project management or construction on your Philadelphia kitchen project.  You believe that these are complicated jobs best left to professionals.  Selecting a professional firm or individual to be responsible for your project is a big decision; you are going to be “living” together for quite some time. Many Philadelphia kitchen design firms are able to do not only the design, but the project management and the construction.  Make sure you research and interview several. Just because your neighbor or family member chose someone does not mean their choice would be a good fit for you. All professionals have strengths and weaknesses so find out all you can. Inquire about the size and scope of their previous projects and check out the references provided. Be clear about your expectations and assess if they can realistically be met. Ask open-ended questions and assess the responses. You can also split the tasks between a design firm and a contractor you know.  Be sure to make it clear who will be doing the project management.  Do not assume the contractor will be since his job is to install, it will take his time to make sure all the subs (countertops, glass, tile etc) are delivered on time and deal with any changes that might happen.  Some contractors are skilled at this and others, it just adds to the time it takes to get the project done.



  • Because you are hiring professionals you should save in time and even money because the designer will be able to point you in the direction of a product that will save money and still serve its required purpose.
  • The design will be as you want it and should be easy to adapt to from the first day.
  • The construction should go smoothly as the project manager and contractor work together, especially if they have done so before. This is the benefit of hiring the design firm to do it all.
  • The time involved with the entire job should be significant.  It can take as little as 6 weeks from demolition to putting your plates in your new cabinets.



  • You will spend anywhere from 10-60% more by hiring professionals.  However you will probably save in money on individual products as the professionals can point out savings you would not know.



Based on an article by Max Isley on December 01, 2011,

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